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    priority to establish a copy protection scheme which also works once the project is compiled and running with the Matlab runtime environment (MCR). I am happy to say Taurus can do all this unlike other exe wrapper protection programs
    I have tried. The alternative was to use a C based implementation which can access the API of embedded protection systems. But this is unnecessarily complicated.


    Dr. Peter King


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    Have you spent a considerable amount of time developing a cutting-edge application in Matlab? Are you looking for robust and secure ways to protect your intellectual property beyond plain pcoding?

    Look no further: We provide you with the best solutions for copy protecting Matlab functions, GUIs and deployed applications!

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    Taurus is the first ever full-featured copy protection suite that runs in the Matlab workspace environment. Implement all the secure copy protection features seen routinely in today's desktop applications directly into your Matlab code with just a couple of mouse clicks - without any additional programming!

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    Suppose that your client wants to buy 15 multi-user licenses for your Matlab application, with 5 of them being for a "PRO" version and the remaining 10 being for a "STANDARD" version, for one year. Now, what would be the most efficient, customer-friendly and profitable way to deliver your client this? The answer is Appls.NET - our proprietary license server technology for protecting applications built in Matlab.

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